Workshops at EMNLP 2020

EMNLP offers 25 workshops to suit a wide range of interests. All workshops listed are one day in duration unless otherwise indicated.

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[WITHDRAWN] Workshop on NLP for Positive Impact

Maarten Sap, Anjalie Field, Michel Galley, Hannah Rashkin and Bill Dolan

Our workshop aims to promote NLP research that will positively impact society, through proactive and responsible methods. [This workshop has been cancelled]

November 19, 2020

Fifth Conference on Machine Translation (WMT20)

Barry Haddow, Philipp Koehn, Ondřej Bojar, Christian Federmann, Yvette Graham, Matthias Huck, Christof Monz and Lucia Specia

2 days
A two day conference on machine translation with shared tasks.

Search-Oriented Conversational AI (SCAI)

Julia Kiseleva, Aleksandr Chuklin, Jeff Dalton and Mikhail Burtsev

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from the NLP, Machine Learning, and IR communities to lay the ground for search-oriented conversational AI and establish future directions and collaborations.

Interactive and Executable Semantic Parsing (Int-Ex)

Ben Bogin, Srinivasan Iyer, Xi Victoria Lin, Panupong Pasupat, Alane Suhr, Pengcheng Yin, Tao Yu, Rui Zhang, Victor Zhong, Caiming Xiong and Dragomir Radev

Map natural language to meaning representations executed in databases, knowledge graphs, robotic environment and software applications.

CoNLL 2020

Raquel Fernández and Tal Linzen

2 days
CoNLL is a yearly top-tier NLP conference that has been organized by SIGNLL since 1997.

First Workshop on Scholarly Document Processing (SDP 2020)

Muthu Kumar Chandrasekaran, Guy Feigenblat, Dayne Freitag, Tirthankar Ghosal, Michal Shmueli-Scheuer, Eduard Hovy, Petr Knoth, David Konopnicki, Philipp Mayr, Robert Patton, Dominika Tkaczyk and Anita de Waard

SDP is a full day workshop that provides an interdisciplinary venue for researchers interested in any aspect of mining scientific literature. SDP includes a research track and three shared tasks: 6th CL-SciSumm, 1st LongSumm, 1st LaySumm.

Spatial Language Understanding

Malihe Alikhani, Jason Baldridge, Mohit Bansal, Archna Bhatia, Parisa Kordjamshidi and Marie-Francine Moens

Spatial Language Understanding, Learning/Reasoning on Spatial Semantics, (sub)Symbolic Representations and Grounding Language in Perception

November 20, 2020

NLP and Computational Social Science (NLP+CSS)

Svitlana Volkova, David Jurgens, David Bamman and Dirk Hovy

This workshop focuses on NLP for Social Sciences, interdisciplinary work in CSS, and integrating CSS with current trends in NLP.

Evaluation and Comparison of NLP Systems (Eval4NLP)

Steffen Eger, Yang Gao, Maxime Peyrard, Wei Zhao, Eduard Hovy, Mohit Bansal, Robert West, Ani Nenkova, and Ido Dagan

The workshop focuses on designing evaluation metrics, reporting trustworthy results and creating adequate and correct evaluation data.

4th Workshop on Structured Prediction for NLP

André F. T. Martins, Andreas Vlachos, Zornitsa Kozareva, Sujith Ravi, Gerasimos Lampouras, Priyanka Agrawal and Julia Kreutzer

Structured prediction with continuous representations, task-level supervision and latent linguistic structure.

NLP Beyond Text

Erik Cambria, Giuseppe Castellucci, Simone Filice, Soujanya Poria, Lucia Specia

Can you really know if someone is sarcastic by only reading his texts? If the answer is no, the NLPBT workshop is what you're looking for.

NLP for COVID-19 Workshop (Part 2)

Karin Verspoor, Mike Conway, Berry de Bruijn, Mark Dredze, Rada Mihalcea and Byron Wallace

Analysing and understanding text and speech data to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.